I use mainly psychodynamic and person-centered approach in my therapy. Although the approaches are important it is well known that the relationship between counsellor and a client constitutes 40% of the therapy success (Schwarz, Bernard, 2012). 

Psychodynamic approach is based on Sigmund Freud's work although it has gone far from his famous "sexual" complexes. Psychodynamic counselling searches for the roots of the problem. Your reactions and feelings are end result of automated responses, which you are not aware of anymore. It is a logical approach similar to medicine, where you search for the cause and treating the cause cures the symptom. 

Person - centered therapy was established by Carl Rogers and now constitutes the main approach in psychology and healthcare in general. The main principles are: treating the person as an individual, listening carefully and guiding them to find the answers, rather than imposing the diagnosis onto them.