Common issues in women:

  1. Low self - esteem 

  2. Guilt

  3. General unhappiness in life, feeling like a failure

  4. Relationship problems (infidelity, 'growing apart' etc.)

  5. Career planning and combination with a familly life


Are we good enough?

Most women, even in the modern times, suffer from low self - esteem. This can be projected into relationships in the form of insecurities, manipulative behaviour towards a partner or fear of losing him or her. Although women are expected to be independant and have a healthy self - esteem, because that's what the 21st century society promotes, the reality is often different. It is the early childhood 'truths' we learned that affect our present experiences, only that we are not aware of it anymore. My counselling provides an insight into the origins of your mental patterns. If those are brought to light, you can look at them properly and change them. 

It doesn't always require couples couselling to make a change... Because the change has to come from you.

Are you troubled in your relationship? Were there some mistakes in the past, which you can't forget? Relationships are a dynamic entity. They mirror your and your partner's behaviour. It is never one person's fault only. There are always two sides of the story. Understanding the dynamics and changing the mindset will affect your partner as well. You may feel that they shall change but sometimes they need a little help from you to start changing.


Body reflects your mind. What do you see in the mirror?

The mindset of low self - esteem is very close to guilt and feeling of no good. Such strong emotions can not only interfere with relationships but can also have a significant affect on your health. Through my work I met some wonderful women who were carrying quietly their guilt from abortion or after sexual abuse in childhood. When such women get ill, they may feel unconsciously that they deserved it. It then interferes with their will to get cured and can be found during counselling as a "self - defeating" mechanism. This can be reversed!

There is a large amount of research evidence on the connection of low mood and worsening medical conditions - more about Psychosomatic counselling.
Disclosure: My work does not constitute medical advice or alternative to medical advice. I focus on coping mechanisms with chronic conditions and improving the psychological vicious cycle related to those issues.