Act NOW!

Do you want a change? And HOW MUCH do you want it?    



Send me an email or SMS and we will arrange the date and time for your first session. I work from home and so can offer flexible times for counselling including short notice emergency sessions. 


Your first session involves quite a lot of talking from your side as we need to explore the whole situation. Towards the end of the session we will summarise the main issues and make a plan about how to address these. I like to keep the sessions structured so it is easy to see what you have achieved. We can schedule another appointment straight away or you may want some more time to digest and reflect, in which case you would let me know later.
If you want to know more about the way I lead the session click here.

Step 3 - WORK ON IT

You shall see some progress within the first two sessions. In general the therapy lasts about 6 sessions but this is very individual.

Important note

My counselling work is separate to my NHS work and I act only as a counsellor during the sessions. Therefore I cannot suggest referrals to your GP, nor I can help you with a medical treatment.