04/01/2015 13:37

Psychotherapy improves chances to get pregnant

SORRY! Article under construction.   Involuntary childlessness troubles 10-15% of couples in the Western societies. Few decades ago one of the diagnoses for infertility was a "psychogenic" childlessness where it was supposed that the main factor was stress. Nowadays the investigations got so...
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16/11/2014 20:18

Depressed people are more ill? Psychosomatic links explained.

by Tereza Indrielle Depression and low moods are becoming more and more common in people’s life. We hate them, we try to avoid them and some of us search for help through counselling. There is even another reason to do so – being depressed might make you ill in the long-term. It was found in...
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21/09/2014 18:39

Carl Rogers - the founder of client - centred approach

Carl Ransom Rogers – genius with humanistic approach by Tereza Indrielle   Introduction Carl Ransom Rogers is “the most influential psychologist in American history” according to Kirchenbaum & Henderson (1989). According to study made in 2002 by Haggbloom et al. using multiple criteria,...
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21/09/2014 18:36

What is hypnosis

What is hypnosis? This article aims to provide overview of various aspects of hypnosis and role of relaxation in hypnotherapy. Firstly I will describe  biological aspects of hypnosis, to explain what is happening at the level of body during hypnosis. Then I will describe psychological aspects...
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19/09/2014 23:03

Pelvic pain

What is chronic pelvic pain? Chronic pelvic pain is defined as cyclical or non-cyclical pain below the umbilicus of duration of more than 6 months. This article provides information only on gynaecological causes of pelvic pain, however the links for further information on other causes are provided...
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